Friday, 30 August 2013

My First 5K: October 12, 2013

SOURCE: Self Magazine

run ani, run
Exciting news: I signed up for a 5k!!!  This is a HUGE deal for me.  I've never done a 5k before... unless you count the TKE 5k I did my sophomore year of college -- which I don't because (1) it was a fraternity philanthropy event, (2) the people I were with did NOT run ...or jog ...we strolled leisurely the entire way, and (3) it was early on a Sunday morning so everyone was super hungover from the night before... my friend was actually still drunk.

Anyway my first "real" 5k is on October 12th which means I have approximately 6 weeks to prepare.  I printed out a 5-week 5k training schedule from  If all goes according to plan, I will start training on Tuesday.  Technically the schedule starts on a Monday, but I will be in Vermont for Labor Day weekend.  As such, I did my Monday workout yesterday.

5k training: day #1
Day 1 of training consisted of running 1 mile at an easy pace... and I did it! I jogged an entire mile without stopping; I did not walk one single step of the way :)  Granted it took me 13 minutes on the treadmill, but I don't even care because I DID IT!!!!

I should probably note that I am a HORRIBLE runner.  In my head, I'm a realy good runner; I always imagine myself running swiftly through nature with my ponytail bouncing in the wind and my skin glistening in the morning sun.  This, however, is never the case.  In reality, I struggle to run from one telephone pole to another.  I start really ambitious and then tire out halfway through he first song on my playlist.  This makes the rest of the run a miserable combination of gagging, walking, and mental cursing.

So although it might not be a big deal to anyone else, I'm proud of my one mile :)

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Grocery Store Adventures: Fig Edition

[FIG. 1] fig #1 ...see what I did there ;)

How have I gone 21 years without ever trying a fresh fig!?  Today after the gym* I stopped by the grocery store to pick up some fruits and veggies.  Just as I was about to checkout, a 'for sale' sign caught my eye.  Upon further investigation, I discovered that the commodity in question was none other than the fig fruit.  Feeling adventurous, I decided to give the figs a try. I'm really glad I did because these little guys are amazing! Is there a fig fan club? And if so, where can I sign up? I tried to take pictures (fig. 1) but unfortunately a camera cannot capture the sweet and succulent deliciousness of a fig.

fig 101
It's weird to think that just a few short hours ago I knew absolutely nothing about figs.  Now I consider myself a seasoned expert thanks to the world wide web...

*Like how I casually threw in the fact that I went to gym? #NBD

Summer Self Evaluation

Wow! I am absolutely horrible at following through with things.  I don’t know what’s wrong with my brain.  I start with all the best intention the world, but things just seem to fall through.  As such, I identified a few problem areas...
problem areas.

  • INDECISIVENESS I don’t have one singe clear goal; instead I have lots of half-assed goals.  In true Libra fashion, I can't make a decision for the life of me.
  • PERFECTIONISM I like when things are perfect.  I always wait for the perfect time to start something, but 99% of the time there is no perfect time. I need to learn to adapt and accommodate.  I'm the girl that uses 5 pages of notebook paper because I don't like how I wrote the header.  In elementary school I would take 2 copies of every worksheet (just in case I didn't like my handwriting)
  • ALL-OR-NOTHING MENTALITY If I mess up or “cheat”  I consider it a failure and give up altogether.  I think this goes hand-in-hand with perfectionism.  I definitely don’t try to do this.  I try to keep my standards realistic. It's just so hard.
  • LAZINESS This is a big one; also a self-explanatory one.  I'm too lazy to elaborate...
  • UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS I expect too much, too fast – I don't necessarily expect overnight results, but if I don't see results in a week, I definitely get discouraged/frustrated/down-on-myself.
  • PROCRASTINATION I put things off. "Oh I’ll start going to the gym next week" ..."My diet starts Monday" ..."Due tomorrow? Do tomorrow" ...I put things off so often that half the time I never get around to starting
  • IMPULSIVENESS I tend to act before I think.  Cookie in front of me? Don’ mind if I do… Trendy dress?  Yes please, I'm sure I'll find an excuse to wear eventually (note: I usually don't) ...Do I want to go to the bar on a Tuesday night before an exam? Hell yeah I do, YOLO... It's bad. Real bad.
  • SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS I constantly feel like I'm being judged because I'm always judging myself.  I hate my nose, my hair, my tummy, my scars.  The list goes on and on and on... I never feel worthy of a cute guys attention, I'm super awkward in social situations, and I can't help but think that people wish they were hanging out with someone funner/cooler/prettier than me.  Out of all the things I dislike about myself, I hate my lack of confidence the most. It's a major fun-sucker.
Sooo what’s the solution to all this?  I have no idea...

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Quick Update

Whoa! Went to the gym two days in a row!!! Gold stars all around.  Maybe going after work isn't as bad as I initially thought it would be.  Three for three!? Challenge accepted.

On a side note, I am currently making a budget.  God, I feel so grown up.  Now that I have car payments, school-loans, rent, and a gym membership, I need to be a helluva lot better with my finances.  However trying to come up with an efficient/organized system is so freaking overwhelming.  This looks like a job for Pinterest!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Running to the Funny Farm



random confession:
Whenever I go for a run/jog/walk I like to pretend I'm in a movie.  Sometimes I pretend I'm in an intense/sexy chase scene (like in Fast 5); Other times I pretend I'm fighting for survival somewhere in nature (like in the Hunger Games); Then there are times that I pretend I'm a super motivating athlete that actually finds running fun/peaceful (like in a Nike commercial)... It could be anything, really. Usually the scene matches whatever song I'm listening to at the time.  My friends think this is absolutely bonkers. But I can't be the only one that does this, right? ...RIGHT!? Or am I? Eek, what if I really am losing my marbles!? Don't judge me.

Anyway, the point of this story: I WENT FOR A RUN TODAY!!!! yey :)
  • It was brutal. Very, very brutal.
  • I had very little energy to get out of the car and run
  • When I heard weird animal/sex noises coming out of the parked car next to me (true story), I found the energy to get out of my car and run (like, seriously people!?)
  • It was beautiful weather! 70F, clear skies, no humidity. PERFECT running weather
  • Horse Barn Hill is really pretty in the summer. All the baby animals were out and I fell in love every time I ran past them.
  • I am definitely NOT a runner. I cursed my inability to keep a steady pace the entire time.
  • I have no idea how people manage to keep a steady pace without getting bored/tired (my runs are all over the place: jog, sprint, jog, walk, walk, walk, walk, jog, sprint, walk, sprint, walk, walk/crawl, run, walk, attempt to sprint the final stretch but end up looking like a one legged zombie flailing in the wind, crawl, assume fetal position)
  • I am really craving fro-yo. That is all.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Ugh, I did absolutely HORRIBLE with my intake yesterday; like 3000 calories horrible.  I wish I could say this is an exaggerated number, but sadly it is not.  Thanks to MyFitnessPal, I am able to accurately quantify how far I've strayed from my 1200 calorie goal (as you can probably imagine MyFitessPal and I have developed a love/hate relationship for this exact reason).  Anyway, according to yesterday's calculations, I consumed approximately 2,891calories and burnt exactly 0. #strugglebus

new playlist
Still haven't made it to the gym, but I DID make a new playlist.  Maybe that will be some motivation to get my ass out of bed tomorrow morning

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Post #69: Meal Prep

Ugh, I'm exhausted!  But it's a good kind of exhausted.  It's a wow-I-got-a-lot-done exhausted.

I spent 4 hours at the library working on my paper, listening to new music for a potential gym playlist, and looking up healthy vegan recipes.

After the library I "went to the gym."  The quotation marks are to say that I physically went to the gym, I just didn't actually go in to the gym.  Get it? Got it? Good.  I hadn't been to that particular location before so I wanted to do a mini-test run.  I was planning on working out (I swear!) but I completely forgot that they close at 5 on Sundays; Hence my "going to the gym"

However the trip wasn't a complete waste of gas time because the grocery store is right next door -- How convenient!  Equipped with my shopping list as a grocery basket, I was able to get everything I needed.  Half an hour and $50 later, I was good to go!

I spent 90-minutes chopping, boiling, mixing and saran-wrapping so that I would be ready for the upcoming week!  I'm not exaggerating when I say that I went full out Iron-Chef on this weeks meal prep -- okay, maybe I'm exaggerating just a littleee ;)

this week's menu
PRE GYM: mini bagel with peanut butter; coffee with almond milk
BREKKIE: plum; twenty raw almonds; master cleanse lemonade
LUNCH: pasta salad loaded with lots of veggies; kale chips
SNACK: three Oreos with almond milk
DINNER: vegan quesadilla with avocado; sweet potato

I have the smallest fridge ever (see EXHIBIT A) so I was nervous that everything wouldn't fit.  But it all worked out; as it often tends to do.

[EXHIBIT A] a fuzzy iPhone photo of my teeny-tiny fridge, ready to take on the week!
vegan quesadillas in the freezer; pasta salad, almond milk and fruit below

Lists Make Me Happy

plan for the rest of the day:
NOON-- Library (write papers, meal plan for the week, make a sick workout playlist)
5:00PM -- Subway (dinner = veggie delight, yummmm!)
5:30PM -- Starbucks (redeem treat receipt; grande iced sugar-free hazlenut soy latte, please)
6:00PM -- Cardio Express (time drive from campus; check out the new location; workout)
7:00PM -- Big Y (stock up on groceries for the week)
8:00PM -- Prep for Week (meal prep; pack gym bag; charge electronics; straighten hair)
9:00PM -- Sleep (set smart alarm for 5am)

Gratitude Journal 8/11

things to which i would like to toast
  1. BEING BACK IN THE 160s! This morning I was 167.1 lbs... You read that right, 167.1 :)  I was surprisingly relieved to see this number; I was mildly freaking out when my weight went above 170 again ...and then I really started to hit the panic button when it kept going up.  Now to get to the 150's (oh that would be so wonderful!)
  2. VICTORY OVER THE OREOS! I was able to outwit, outsmart, and outplay the cookie monster!!! I'm proud to announce that as tempted as I was, I was able to refrain from a late night trip to the pantry.  Yesterday I put the Oreos cabinet and I haven't touched them since.
  3. STARTING A 4 WEEK WEIGHT CHALLENGE! It isn't anything official... Just something I typed up a few weeks back.  I've been meaning to print it out and actually start, but I was waiting until after I settled in to my new place.  I'm not completely settled, but I've come to the realization that if I keep waiting for the perfect time, I'll never lose any weight!  Anywho, I printed the worksheet (DROPBOX FILE HERE), weighed in this morning (see #1), and stocked up on cheap 64oz water bottles. Bring it!

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Cookie Confessions

the first step is admitting you have a problem
I, my friends, have a problem.  The late-night cookie monster struck again; This time with the force of a thousand men! Here is what I woke up to on my bedside table:

I can't make this stuff up!  The Oreos made their way into my bedroom at some point between the hours of 1AM and 9AM last night.  On the bright side, I only had three -- versus the TEN(!!!) I had the other night. At least I think I only had three.  I may have sleep-eaten a few unconsciously.  I don't even remember inviting the cookies to bed with me.  They took advantage of my groggy state-of-mind and lowered defenses.  I'll have to take extra precautions tonight.

This war isn't over yet...

Friday, 9 August 2013

New 'About' Page!

Weeeee! I finally made an ABOUT page for this blog :)

I also added some nifty social media buttons
<----- They're over there in the side bar

and here they are again...

twitter pinterest email me instagram  blog lovin

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Gratitude Journal 8/8

today I am grateful for:
  • Making progress on my paper!  I stayed late at work to write my paper.  It was nice to have 2 hours distraction-free at a real office desk instead of at my typical apartment desk (a.k.a my bed).
  • As I type this, I am sipping a glass of smooth-move tea which can only mean one thing: I've decided to detox tomorrow!  I've been eating like absolute crap so now I feel like absolute crap.  As such, I am using tomorrow to reset my system.  I am NOT going to attempt a hardcore, 10-day Master Cleanse.  I just want to give my body a 24-hour break from the copious amount of junk I've been feeding it lately.
  • I made a dent in my shopping list!  Post-paper and pre-tea I stopped at TJ Maxx, Target, and the grocery store to pick up a few essentials (i.e. a trashcan & disinfecting spray).  Now I can officially start cleaning and organizing my new apartment!!!
three cheers for a productive day!

Midnight Snacking

I feel like a walking contradiction.  I am consumed by thoughts of losing weight, and I constantly reflect on how unhappy I am with my current size; on how life would be so much easier if I were just a few pounds lighter.  Yet my actions do not align with said thoughts/reflections.  Last night I woke up at 3AM.  On my walk back from the bathroom, I saw a pack of Oreo cookies on the kitchen counter.  What happens next is pretty typical for me...

what my thought process should have been:
"No, no no. It is 3 o' clock in the morning, you're not really hungry.  It is not worth it. Just mosey on by and go back to bed"

my actual thought process:
"Ooh look Oreos, I'm not really hungry but I've been craving something sweet"

"You know what would make this gluttonous, binge-fest even better? PEANUT BUTTER!"

"Stop it Ani, you totally shouldn't be eating these.  This is definitely not part of your diet.  You ate so much food yesterday and at the end of it all you vowed to make healthier choices. Remember all those clothes you wanted to buy for fall?  All those outfits you pinned to your style board? Put the cookie down"

"Oh well, I just moved and I'm stressed.  I need to get this junk food out of my apartment anyway.  Tomorrow is a new day.  I'll probably get lemons after work tomorrow and cleanse for the next few day"

"Yum yum yum, these cookies taste so good.  Now that I'm pleasantly plump, I'll wash it all down with a giant glass of almond milk and call it a night."

Ugh, why did I just eat those 10 Oreo cookies!? It is THREE IN THE MORNING!  I had a gigantic dinner just before bed.  I'm such a failure. I need to get my shit together.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

So Much to Do...

yup, this basically sums up my life right about now

Blog Spotlight: One Twenty Five

why i love liz from one twenty five:
  • I love that she's honest and unfiltered (she posts ups, downs & upside-downs)
  • I love her quirky sense of humor
  • I love that her posts are well-rounded & creative
  • I love that she is a wonderful writer ...and that she loves bullet points!
  • I love that she lived in Melbourne, Australia -- like me!
  • I love that she isn't perfect and that she doesn't pretend to be!
  • I love that she stays optimistic no matter what life throws at her (whether it's lemons, hand grenades, or snarky comments)
I guess you could say Liz from One Twenty Five is my current blog crush :)

Monday, 5 August 2013

Link Up: Weekly Goals Check-In

weekly goals
For this post I linked up with Jess from Operation Skinny Jeans -- Weekly Goals Link Party
  1. Finish both papers for my summer class!!!!
  2. Walk outside for at least 15 minutes each day (rain or shine)
  3. Make five super-motivating sweat-shesh playlists
  4. Get everything I need to organize/clean my new apartment
  5. Devise a daily routine that incorporates exercise & healthy foods
basically, I just want to get my shit together

Gratitude Journal 8/6

today i am grateful for...
  1. MY JOB -- for helping me finance my very own, brandy new studio apartment
  2. MOM, DAD & SISTER -- for helping me move to my very own, brandy new apartment
  3. GRANNY & POP -- for buying my very own, brandy new bed & TV to go with my very own, brandy new apartment

How To: Stay Inspired

NOTE TO SELF: incorporate these tips into daily life (1 per day for the next 2 weeks)

SOURCE: 24 Slides

Saturday, 3 August 2013

For the Record

numbers game.
MY WEIGHT: 170.0 lbs
MY BMI: 27.4 (overweight)

HIGH WEIGHT: 188.6 lbs (January 2013)
LOW WEIGHT: 152.8 lbs. (July 2012)

GOAL WEIGHT: 130 lbs

Nomad Status

home is where the ____ is.
As I find myself in a temporary state of homelessness, I can't help but to reflect on the number of times I've relocated in the past year... 5 to be exact.
  1. AUG 2012 - NOV 2012: UniLodge in Melbourne, Australia with K.R.
  2. DEC 2012 - JAN 2013: Home to Massachusetts for the holidays
  3. JAN 2013 - MAY 2013: A 2-bedroom apartment near UCONN with K.R.
  4. JUN 2013 - JUL 2013: Subleased a house in CT with 3 other grad students (bleh)
  5. AUG 2013 - ??: Currently getting ready to move in to a new studio apartment!
Tomorrow I FINALLY move in to my very own place.  No more messy housemates, no more apartment hunting, and no more sore back!  For the past week, I've been sleeping on my sister's futon, driving over an hour to get to work in the morning, and living off of fast food.  I can't find my glasses... or my birth control ...or my credit card - everything is in the mess that is my car right now.  I've been wearing awkward clothes that have been in musky-basement storage.  I don't know where my razor is so I look like Chewbaka's twin sister; Thank goodness I keep a spare deodorant in my Longchamp, otherwise I would probably smell like her too!  I haven't been eating vegan because I come from a family of devout carnivores. I haven't been able to weight myself because my scale is packed away somewhere.  My face is breaking out and I can't tell if it's from stress or the fact that my ProActive has been inaccessible.  Wah, I don't mean to whine...

I just want my life back!